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How to Record a conversation on your phone

During a conversation with someone you can enable ‘Live Record’ at any time, you should warn the other party that you are about to record the conversation and tell them they will hear an intermittent beep during the full length of the call just to remind them of this. (This beep is not recorded)

During Conversation

To setup ‘Live Record’ press the ‘more’ softkey

Now press the ‘Confrm’ softkey.

When you press this key the caller will be placed on hold until you have completed the following steps to record the conversation.

Now enter the ‘Live Record’ extension number 697

NOTE – the number will change to the first available recording zone, in this case that is 698.

Now press the 'more' softkey again.
and then press the 'Confrm' key, to complete the 'Live Record' setup.

NOTE - during the conversation you will see 'Conference' instead of ‘Connected’ in the information bar on the screen.

When the call terminates you will see your ‘Voice Mail’ icon on the phone meaning you have a message, this message being the one just recorded.

If you have your messages also going to email then the full recorded message will be sent to your email address.