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Voice Translation Rules (VTR on the go)

I have had a couple of requests now to write some software that you can install on a PC as you don`t always have the internet at hand when you need to test VTR`s

So here it is, I can personally say this software is Virus/Add-Ware free as long as you download it from this site only.

If you have any other requests or additions to the software let me know and I will see if I can incorporate them in the next version.
Software Revision
V 20-March-2012 First Release, fingers crossed Bug free.
V 21-March-2012 Bug Fix :-( in the group replacing now fixed
Also added some popup help around this problem.

Added: the 'reject' key word so if a number is matched the software will tell you the number would be rejected.
i.e. Rule 1 reject /^919\(.(\)/ would reject any 4 or more digit number starting with 919
as would Rule 2 reject /919/

Added: Automatic check for software update if connected to the internet on software start up.
V 24-June-2013 Bug Fix :- Problem found by Phil Morgan on a translation rule /\(123\)*/ /9/ was doing something rather strange
V 30-April-2014 New Installer :- The old installation was not working with the latest .net framework, so have recompiled with the latest and created a new install package.
Update Check :- Fixed the update check so it points to the right place now I have moved the website to a new host (GoDaddy)
Icon :- Added new orange telephone icon for program, looks a bit better I think.
V 04-August-2014 Bug Fix :- Found by Tiago Sousa when using the + sign on SIP TRUNK translations.
so now the rule /\+351\(.*\)/ /\1/ will work.