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How to Program your phones Softkeys

Programming the softkeys on the phone is relatively easy as some of our users wanted a different layout to the standard default that the phone displays.

The problem was 'Group Pickup' was behind the 'More' key, meaning the poor users had to press the 'More' key before they could press the 'Group Pickup'


Standard Soft key layout (Default) for phones


So I had to re-program the softkey menu for these users, and this is achieved through a 'Template', this template is then applied to the phones you wish to change.
Open a link to your Cisco via your favourite Communications method (mine is TelNet)


Description of each command Type these commands (WARNING - Case sensitive command)
Enter the command to tell the system we are going to configure it, the 't' represents 'Terminal' config t
Create a Template giving it a number (in this case 20) ephone-template 20
Now we need to create a 'softkey' menu that will be displayed when the phone is in IDLE mode i.e. just sitting there untouched

The items available to us are:
Cfwdall = Call Forward All
ConfList = List all participants in conference
Dnd = Do not Disturb
Gpickup = Group Call Pick Up
Hlog = Hlog (used to login/out of hunt groups)
Join = Join established call to conference
Login = Login
Newcall = New call (if your are already in one)
Pickup = Call Pick Up
Redial = Redial last number
RmLstC = Remove last conference participant

softkeys idle Redial Gpickup Cfwdall Dnd Join ConfList
Exit from the phone template exit

Above is the layout we wanted to use, note that there is no 'more' softkey defined this is done automatically so remember that the first 3 definitions will show before the 'more' key and so on, i.e. in groups of three.

Of course you could change the Alerting, Connected, Hold, Ringing, Seized softkeys positions as well in the same ephone-template 

Now you need to tie this template to the phones that need it, find the 'Phone Sequence number' of the phones you wish to change via the CCME or your preferred method, and commit the changes


We are changing 'ephone' 15 ephone 15
Add the template using the number we assigned to it ephone-template 20
The phone has to be restarted for the changes to take effect reset
Exit from the ephone and repeat for other phones exit



 After changes have been made, your user is set up not to give you earache until the next thing!