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Cisco CME Company wide Quick Dial



  This is a procedure adopted by our company to facilitate Speed-Dialling after receiving complaints from employees about having to press the directory button, then select the appropriate directory then the number.

So after looking at the system I created away of giving Company-Wide regular numbers, Numbers in fact that most employees knew from the previous 'Meridian' phone system.

 After implementing this method all your users have to do is dial a 3/4 digit number, and the connection is made.



Open the CME, and select 'Extensions'


Click the 'Add' link

  In the 'Add' window that pops up, enter the Quick Dial 'Extension Number' that you would like to use.

We have based our numbers from 001 to 050


NAME: enter the name that will be displayed on the phone when the user dials (in this case) 050

You can fill the Description/Label with the same text as you entered for 'NAME' if you wish

  Now enter the number in the 'Call Forward All' you want to call when the user quick dials (in this case) 050

Don't forget to add your outside line number (in this case) 9

To finish click the 'Add' button


Click 'OK' to save changes


Click 'OK' to acknowledge Configuration changed


Click 'Cancel' when asked to add a new phone.

  And that's it, your new Quick Dial is ready to use.

We have this setup in our main reception room with a small laminated sheet of quick dial numbers and the names of the recipients.