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A Warning on Personal Fast Dials (PFD's)

Personal Fast Dials on your users phones just might get them uptight.

The problem seems to be that when the Personal Fast Dials are committed to the phone, they are alphabetically sorted.

Lets program a few PFD's as here
Bravo, Charlie and Alpha

Now your user my want to print this screen and place it near the phone for quick reference.

Lets say they wanted to dial Charlie at PFD 2, they would then press the Directories key followed by 6 (for PFD menu) and then 2 for Charlie's number.

But as you can see here, 2 is Bravo's number

So expect a few complaints from your users that print off the webpage to remind them of their PFD's
At this time I have not found anything to stop this happening, like some obscure command that you must enter in the ephone or ephone-dn